way over wonderful…

… you are swinging by! I’m Jacqueline, the founder of way over wonderful. An artist myself, I paint, make stuff and love to get you creative.

There’s just something super magical, about creating things with your own hands. Using all the colours you love (maybe not all in one piece) and creating something you’re proud of.

And while you’re busy making stuff, you’re in a totally different world. There’re no health or family issues, no worrying about things you can’t change.

That’s what I call way over wonderful. Others might use the word ‘flow’ but whatever you call it, it’s marvellous. And I love to share this magic with you.

I’ve been incredibly lucky that I could spent the last 23 years (give or take – I also had the artist block) getting better at this art stuff. Trying tons of different things, reading and thinking about it. I’d love you to benefit from this and help you to move forward on your art journey.

In the past I’ve run creative workshops for adults in The Make Lounge in Islington and the lovely Stitch shop in Palmers Green. For the last two years I run a kids art club and have been tutoring GCSE and A-Level students.

If you want to live a more creative life, learn a new skill, or finally live your childhood dream, why not join me for a workshop and have a way over wonderful time? I’d be delighted to assist you.